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Hemp and lime pots are light and handy and at the end of their life cycle they can easily be recycled. The material can be mixed with lime and water to produce other products or, after having been disintegrated, it can be used as soil improver because it promotes the increase in the pH of the soil, guaranteeing complete recycling of the material.

With its insulating action the bio-composite favors the maintenance of stable thermo-hygrometric conditions inside the pot, counteracting the effects of extreme climatic conditions on the roots (such as winter frosts or high summer insolation).

The high porosity ensures breathability and prevents stagnation of water, a common problem for example with plastic pots. A good aeration of the soil also favors nitrification processes (oxidation of nitrogen in ammonia form into nitrates by bacteria naturally present in the soil) ensuring a greater supply of nutrients to the plant and thus supporting its growth.

In addition, hemp absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere: the amount of CO2 it captures is greater than that it emits during its life cycle. This makes it an ideal material to preserve the environment.

Alessandra Zuin – Environmental PhD – Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia